Long Way Home

I was foolish enough to accept an invitation to an out of town party, I went there by bus but didn’t think about the party being over so late the buses had stopped running for the night. This isn’t some big city where I live where they go around the clock. So I was in a strange city, no credit card or money for a hotel for the night, and the only people I knew had left. There was a man that hadn’t left yet and I had no choice but to approach him and ask if there was any way he’d agree to drive me home, over an hour away. I said I had no money.

He looked at me like I was nuts, but I told him I really had no options. He said the only way he’d agree to it was if I’d give him a blow job. I wasn’t thrilled with my options, but didn’t see any way around just doing it. He led me into an empty bedroom and told me to get undressed. I did as I was told and he undressed and got naked on the bed and I took his cock in hand and started to blow him.

I found he had a nice cock actually, so it wasn’t as bad as I’d been concerned about. I actually began to feel quite horny, so I reached down and began to lay with my clit while I sucked him off. Sucking on the head of his hard cock, licking the tip of it that was leaking precum and sucking on his balls. He seemed to like what I was doing to him, so I just continued on. I made myself cum and that triggered him soon after. He said when a woman has an orgasm with his dick in their mouth, he goes wild. I soon had a mouthful of cum, swallowed it and we got dressed and were on our way to drive me home.

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