Getting the Tradesman Off

Recently I was having some work done on my home, and of course working from home kind of gets in the way a little bit. I tried to be quiet about doing phone sex, but the men working in the nearby rooms could surely hear a few things even through closed doors. They didn’t say anything though. One night I got a call on the paid line and the man’s voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. I did the call as normal. Then the next day this one workman said I’d been great the night before. I didn’t know what he’d meant. Then I recognized the voice. It was he who had called my line.

I’d gotten the workman off from my own home without even realizing it. I didn’t reply, I just went back in my office to do calls. They were finished in a couple of more days, but every night the workman was calling my line. He was into mommy son calls as well, so it was a bit odd to pretend like nothing is going on face to face then talk about him fucking mommy when he calls a few hours after I saw him working on my home.

The business can be quite odd. You’d not know to look at him he was into anything a bit different, but that’s the thing. You just never know who’s into what. Will he keep calling when the job is over? I’ve no idea, I shall have to see. To think the tradesman was stroking his dick to my voice and description of mommy sucking his dick and then twelve hours later was laying flooring in my hallway outside my bedroom door. He was likely hard as a rock as he was doing so, hearing the naughty conversations wafting out from under the doorway.

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