Holy Hand Job


I don’t go to church that often, but recently a few friends of mine said there was a new minister at the church I did go to a few times a years, mostly just for holidays, weddings, christening’s etc. They said he was “hot”. I’ve never seen any man of the cloth I’d call hot or anywhere near it, but they had a feeling I’d like this one, so I agreed to go and see this hot new minister. I have to say, they weren’t kidding, I don’t think I’ve seen so many women in church in a long time, and I believe it’s because of this sexy new man they were coming to see as word spread. Everyone was introducing themselves to him after the service, me included, and I was so bold as to give him my business card.

I never expected to get an email from him asking me to go for coffee, but I did, and I certainly accepted his invite. We chatted and got along well, and I was bold once more and invited him back to my place, but he was playing hard to get and wouldn’t give it up so easily. We dated for weeks before he even kissed me and then he finally came in after a date and allowed me to give him a hand job. I swear, I was more looking forward to this than he was!

He had a nice cock and I was very anxious about doing it just right for him so he’d get a lot of enjoyment out of it and want to come back for more. It went well, and I loved stroking his cock, but I knew it would be a while before he fucked me, he was not some slut out to get more notches on his bedpost and told me he’d only ever been with one woman, so I have no clue where this will lead, if anywhere, but I look forward to finding out soon.

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