Make Love to Me, Baby

My boyfriend is a really romantic guy, he sure knows how to turn me on like no one else. He’s not rough or crude, he’s all romance and sensuality. Last night was my birthday and he had a special evening planned for the two of us. A lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant and then a long, slow sexy night at home in bed planned. He began by giving me a massage, which of course I love. He spent lots of time on my feet, and then worked his hands upward to my calves and thighs and them my pussy.

He kissed and he licked and he sucked until I was gripping the sheets and absolutely quivering on the brink of orgasm. He did enjoy teasing me and then making me cum over and over. After licking me, he mounted me and slid that lovely cock of his balls deep into my shaved pussy, positioning himself so he would glide against my clit with every thrust of his hard cock inside of me. I was so dewy and wet, he was covered with my juices and I loved it. I wrapped my arms around him nice and tight, as well as my legs, and pulled him as deep inside as he would go.

We fucked and came over and over until we were simply not able to cum anymore we were so exhausted. He likes to push my limits and see how many times I can cum. Five was pretty impressive for me, and he came several as well. I loved feeling him working so hard to give me pleasure. He certainly did as well. I rewarded him with a nice, wet, deep blow job, and he loved every moment of that and came in my mouth. I swallowed his load and we fell asleep in one another’s arms. It was a wonderful and romantic birthday.

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