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Make Love to Me, Baby

My boyfriend is a really romantic guy, he sure knows how to turn me on like no one else. He’s not rough or crude, he’s all romance and sensuality. Last night was my birthday and he had a special evening … Continue reading

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A Candle To Warm Ourselves By

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend last night. He knows I love candles, so he’d gotten me some lovely and fragrant ones and we placed them around the house and lit them. He made a wonderful … Continue reading

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Set The Mood

So many times we think of sex, we think of the basic mechanics of sex and many times a good fuck is gonna get the job done, but romance does have its place too. It doesn’t need to be candlelight … Continue reading

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Be Romantic For The One You Love

One of the greatest pleasures is sex, especially between you and someone you love. If you don’t have anyone, or sadly sometimes even if you do and they aren’t interested in sex anymore, you can have phone sex with another … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Phone Sex And Masturbation

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sexual partner or life partner, spouse, girlfriend, what have you. And wouldn’t you know, this week is Valentine’s Day again. So what’s a lonely guy to do that would like … Continue reading

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