Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, are you ready for the romance? Are you ready for the sex? Unless you have a partner it will likely be your dominant hand that is getting all the action, and even married men have partners that won’t give them any sex, so for the few out there that do have a partner that gives them some sex once in a blue moon, make the most of it. The most romantic day of the year may seem commercialized and downright trite, but it’s still a popular day for romance regardless.

Do you ever go out of your way to woo your lady anymore, do anything romantic like bring them flowers, gifts, take them out for a wonderful dinner and out on some fun event? Maybe they might be a bit more giving in the bedroom if they felt appreciated. Make the evening about her, lavish her with a foot massage, a lavish shopping spree if your bank account can afford it, be good at oral sex for her benefit. If she likes the job you’re doing, you might be gifted back in kind. Would you like your cock sucked on before plunging it into a warm, wet, waiting pussy of your lady? I’m sure you would.

You have a couple of weeks to plan and prepare, especially if you are not the romantic type and such a surprise would indeed take them off guard. Pampering and romance are welcome any day of the year, but a woman does love to have this kind of treatment on Valentine’s Day. Think of something special to do you both will remember and cherish. If you don’t have much money, a homemade dinner and some hot sex doesn’t really cost anything, just be creative and make them feel special. It will be good for your both.

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