He Asked His Mom For The Baby Oil

The moms of most teenage sons will usually not be shocked to learn their boys are masturbating. Most boys do try and keep it a secret though. I cannot count the number of times men have shared on the phone some traumatic incident of their youth where they were caught or walked in on and the embarrassment that ensued. Some moms however are cool and just walk out and ignore what they saw, never mentioning it to the boy.

One caller said his mom was cool and he was so bold as to ask her for the bottle of baby oil to use as lube when he was going to masturbate. Now why he didn’t know where it was kept to just go get it and he had to ask, I cannot imagine. Or why he didn’t just go and buy his own bottle, it is very cheap, so even a youngster would be able to find a couple of bucks for a bottle. I think just the excitement of asking, and her knowing what he was going to be doing with the oil was what excited him. He said he’d never go and ask her for it if his father was at home, since he knew that wouldn’t go over well.

So he’d take the oil and go in his room and drizzle it all over his young, hard cock and stroke away, all the while knowing she knew what he was doing and he’d even think about her while he did it. Guys are funny, the things they do and think about and the effect decades later of asking for a bottle of baby oil to masturbate with and be telling some lady on the phone and paying to do so decades after the fact. Rub your well moisturized cocks now, lol.

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