I Gave Him My Ass For Valentine’s Day

My lover desperately wanted my ass, and I always turned him down, it just didn’t appeal to me. I knew he really wanted it, so I decided as my Valentine’s Day present to him, I would let him have it. I read all the articles online and bought the right kind of lube and when I told him he could finally have my ass, he looked overjoyed. The night came and he promised he’d start out gentle, and he did. We used lots of lube and he managed to get it in and give it a go. It was better than I thought it would be, surprisingly.

I told him he could go a bit faster and a bit more aggressive, boy, that got him into high gear! I just laid back on him and he wrapped his arm around me and he really let me have it. I eventually reached down and played with my clit as he fucked my ass hard and I made myself cum that way. He said when I orgasmed he loved the way it felt around his cock, even though his cock was in my ass and not in my pussy, he said it was a different kind of sensation and he really dug it.

I am not sure how often I will let him have my ass, I do not think that often, but I may again, it just depends. I might let him get into rimming me and we can see how it goes from there. I was never that into ass play or anything, but he’s said he’d love to not only fuck my ass, but worship it, worshiping always sounds nice to me, so we shall see how it goes. He went down on me afterwards, and I always love a good pussy licking, especially on Valentine’s Day.

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