Seems Like Old Times

Many of us do things when we are young we’d be mortified if they got out when we are older. I sold myself to older men during my college years for money. They had it, I wanted it, and I was willing to do what they asked rather than work some minimum wage job where I had to stand on my feet wearing some uniform. I worked a few hours a night at most and was financially rewarded handsomely for it. I made those men feel wanted and desired, something their wives had not done in decades in many cases.

The place I worked was very exclusive and private, only members. Ones had to be referred in, they did not take just anyone as a client. I would walk down the stairs in lingerie and heels and stocking, and would be chosen by some moneyed man for a few hours company. My pussy was well used during those years, as was my mouth. I graduated from medical school debt free and with a healthy bank account. I do not regret my choices at all.

Last week however I was treating an older lady and her husband came in and I recognized him immediately, he’d been one of my best clients. After I said goodbye to his wife, he remained behind and said he was happy to see me and would I possibly for old times sake meet him at a hotel that very night for a large sum of cash? The amount he offered was immense. I agreed. So I fucked him and sucked him just like the good old days. It felt fun, but also a bit dangerous to return to these old behaviors, but it was harmless enough. I gave the old codger the fuck of his life. He said he’d not had sex since the last time we fucked over five years before. I am healing in different ways to different people it seems.

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