I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Some parts of the Northeast are quite snowed in and I am in one of them. I always keep around a month’s worth of food and supplies in the house, so I really had no worries. My boyfriend had stayed over before the storm and we were quite surprised to look out the window to see several feet of snow had fallen overnight. I knew for me it was no emergency to be barricaded in. I work from home, set for food, I can stay in for weeks as far as I care, it doesn’t really affect me in the slightest. He also had a few days off, so we just thought we’d enjoy the time and cocoon and make love as much as we cared to. It’s been delightful.

Neighbors called to see if I wanted help being shoveled out and I said not to bother, help someone who really needs out, I do not. It’s supposed to be above freezing next week, most of it will melt, so not to worry about me. I also had lots of candles and lube and all sorts of fun and naughty things for us to entertain ourselves with. I made us a lovely dinner, made a roaring fire in the fire place, and we made our way to the warm, thick rug in front of it after dinner, naked and in the glow of the firelight. He laid me back and said my sweet pussy was the best dessert he could ever ask for, and who was I to disagree?

I laid back and spread myself open for him, allowing him to feast on my shaved pussy, opening my folds like a moist, dew covered flower. My stiff little bud erect for him to lick and to tease as I bucked up towards him. He always knows just how to lick and to suck me to orgasm, and did he ever. Then he fucked me. We did this countless times over the next few days as the neighbors shoveled themselves out and we remained blissfully surrounded and covered with snow.

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