A Candle To Warm Ourselves By

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend last night. He knows I love candles, so he’d gotten me some lovely and fragrant ones and we placed them around the house and lit them. He made a wonderful dinner and then we knew how we were going to ring in the new year, by having lots of sex, satisfying and intimate sex. We wanted to make sure we were making love at midnight so we would be making love for both years as they switched over.

His cock was pumping within me at a few minutes to midnight and the candles, the only light, flickered and gave such an air of romance to the room. We were still going for a while after the stroke of twelve, and I’m happy to say after a few breaks, we just kept on fucking. My pussy is quite sore today after the pounding she got last night. Just about every position, we did, and came in each and every one. He likes to fuck in marathons like that, to see how many orgasms we can get, it is fun, we’ve done it on a few other holidays and weekends as well.

My pussy can take a lot, a lot of licking and kissing and sucking and fucking as well. I love making his cock cum for me, swallowing his load and riding him until he cannot help but burst within me and flood me with his sweet cum. I wonder if there’s any cum or pussy scented candles, lol? I kind of doubt it, but perhaps for lovemaking marathons they might prove popular. You can never tell.

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