My Christmas Crush

You can find guys to crush on just about anywhere, but a few months ago I was looking for a new house and the open house I went to had this sexy real estate agent showing it and I know it sounds insane, but I’ve been following him around town to open houses he’s been hosting just to get to know him better. He must wonder why I appear at all these gatherings every weekend, but he’s why. I think he’s catching on though.

I have this fantasy of me being the last person in the open house to leave except for him and we chat and then he asks me if I’ve seen the view from the bedroom window, and I say only briefly, so we go up and take a look and soon tumble into the bed together and have wild sex. I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to make the first move, but he has absolutely noticed me, since the same person doesn’t usually go to so many open houses before they’d buy a house and stop.

I’ve seen the bulge in his pants, I think he has a bigger than average cock and I think about touching it and sucking it and riding it. I think I will give him my business card to give him the idea to contact me, surely that alone will make it clear what my intentions are. I can just picture fucking him all night long, I want to get him into bed by New Year’s Eve. For all I know he already has a lady in his life, I honestly do not know a thing about him other than his name, but I will try my darnedest to find out and have hot sex with him.

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