Fucking a Fit Man

I recently started to work out at a local health club and was delighted to look at some of the male eye candy that was there working out. I love looking at a fit man with ripped abs and arms, that kind of in shape body really turns me on a lot. They work hard to maintain that physique and I for one appreciate their efforts, they look hot as hell. After I’d been working out a few weeks, this one guy there seemed to notice me as well and we’d smile at each other and say hello if walking by each other. I really wanted to touch that sexy body and have him touch me as well.

It wasn’t too long until he asked me for drinks, and then dinner and then back to his place. I wanted to run my hands over that incredible body and have him do the same to me. He could tell I was eager, and he led me by the hand to his bedroom and began to take his clothes off. I literally bit my lip with desire for him and I was soon naked and on his bed waiting for him. It was pure lust, honestly. I didn’t know that much about him other than I loved how he looked. He got on his back and I straddled him and slid my wet pussy down onto that cock and began to ride him.

I was bucking up and down on him, my stiff little clit rubbing against him as we fucked. He sounded as good as he looked, and the way he breathed and moaned turned me on a great deal, and I was soon cumming from the visual excitement of it all. I did cum very hard, I was really objectifying him, lol. He seemed to know and didn’t really care, I guess he likely got lots of women based on his looks alone. I hope we can become regular fuck buddies, I’d love to experience this guy and his body many more times.

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