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Fucking a Fit Man

I recently started to work out at a local health club and was delighted to look at some of the male eye candy that was there working out. I love looking at a fit man with ripped abs and arms, … Continue reading

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Have An Orgasm, It’s Good For You!

Most people would agree the whole point of sex is pleasure, orgasm, other than for making kids of course, and it bonds us closer to our partner. The pursuit of orgasm and enhancing ones orgasm is something that takes up … Continue reading

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Put It On, Baby!

No one wants to wear a condom, why on earth would they? It’s less sensation, an added expense and breaks the mood to stop what you’re doing and fumble about with that. Well, for some it’s an unnecessary evil you … Continue reading

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Sex For Your Health

What could be more of a pleasure than good health? And good sex is very good for your health. It has many, many benefits, it’s not just for pleasure, it literally makes you healthier! Most of us lose our breath … Continue reading

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