Put It On, Baby!


No one wants to wear a condom, why on earth would they? It’s less sensation, an added expense and breaks the mood to stop what you’re doing and fumble about with that. Well, for some it’s an unnecessary evil you just have to learn to deal with, so once you’ve accepted that hurdle if you’re single and not in a monogamous relationship, what kind is the best.

There are ones with lube already applied to help, but additional lube would be best if added. The lube is apparently added right before wrapping, so the lube isn’t applied evenly to the whole condom, usually just the tip of it. We all know wet sex is the best sex, so lube up for the smoothest ride. For the lady, it’s likely the more lube added the less she will feel the condom at all, it’s mainly for the guy that it feels desensitized. It’s the earliest method of birth control out there to prevent pregnancy. We are very lucky in today’s world there are other methods of birth control available, but for disease prevention when you’re not in a regular relationship and are just playing the field, it is the best bet to protect yourself. Not all infections you may pick up can be cured with a course of antibiotics.

There are ribbed ones to enhance pleasure, but the ribs are so small, they are barely felt anyway. As with anything, it’s not 100% effective. Just this week I learned of someone that got a girl pregnant even though he was wearing condoms, accidents do happen even when we are trying our best to be responsible. The addition of the lady wearing spermicide is always a good idea for extra protection. For ones only worried about oral, the flavored condoms are a good choice. Not something that really enhances the pleasure, but for safety minded individuals, the way to go. Clients that call and tell me about their glory hole adventures though, I’ve yet to hear one mention they were carrying their assortment of fruit flavored condoms!

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