Secret Admirer

I work in a large office of hundreds of people on a few different floors, and know many of the people, but not everyone. I started to get these little emails that were very complimentary and I had no clue who was sending them. I was beginning to think I had a secret admirer, and I was right. One day I went in and there was a single rose on my desk, the next week there was one on my doorstep, so I knew they knew where I lived. I had tried to figure out who it was, but I had no idea.

Then a few weeks later there was a faint knock at my door and I recognized one of the young interns from work, I assumed they’d come by to drop some papers off to sign, but then I saw they had no papers with them. This shy, young man asked if I’d liked the roses and the emails. It was him. He was too cute for words, I was flattered and asked him to come inside. He was blushing, but very cute. He said he was worried I’d be afraid he was some stalker, but I had never gotten that feeling.

I got us some drinks and he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes. It was much hotter than I’d have thought it would have been, and things quickly got hotter and hotter and I was letting him feel me up and it was a real turn on to be with someone so young. Things moved to the bedroom and we fucked. He was gentle and sweet, but also a considerate lover with a nice, very hard, young cock that pleased me several times that night. I’d never thought of this guy like this before he showed up at my door, but I had a feeling we’d be playing again very soon.

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