Two Tongues Are Better Than One

My friend and I went out to a club this weekend, and we saw lots of nice looking guys, but of course we both liked the same one. I told her I was game if she was, so we agreed to approach this guy and see if he was interested. How many guys do you know that will turn down the opportunity for a threesome? This one sure didn’t. We went back to my place, since it was the closest. We all had some drinks and things heated up from there.

He said he’d always fantasized about two girls going down on him at the same time, so I worked on his cock and my friend sucked on his balls, and he was soon in seventh heaven. He had a nice, large cock as well, at least eight inches, and a nice, big head on it. I swirled my tongue all over his cock and drove him crazy, my girlfriend sucked on his large, cum filled balls and he was just groaning in ecstasy. She was a dirty botch, and even stuck two fingers up his ass, which he really seemed to enjoy at the same time. I soon pushed him on his back and sat on his face, rubbing my clit against his nose.

He slid his tongue out and started to flicker it across my clit, which felt wonderful. I looked over my shoulder and my friend was riding him, she was enjoying his big cock as much as I was enjoying his oral sex skills. This guy was a good choice, we’d done this once years before when we were in college with a guy we were both hot for, and it had worked out well then, so doing it again wasn’t that much of a stretch. He gave us several orgasms each and gave us his number in case we wanted to get together in the future. We just might take him up on that.

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