Cheating Can Be Fun

Just because a guy is “taken” does not mean he’s off limits to me, it takes two to tango and if he was happy in his relationship he wouldn’t be looking elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. This one guy I’ve always thought was hot that lives in the same condo building as me, he has a girlfriend that comes by a few times a week, they don’t live together, but I’ve seen her around. Well last week we were in the elevator together and I decided to get bold and ask if he wanted to come in for a drink.

He stated he had a girlfriend, and I said I know, but I don’t care. He semi reluctantly came in and we had some wine. I went and sat next to him and ran my hand up his leg and I could see he was getting hard. I ran my hand over his cock and was not disappointed. I undid his jeans and got it out and started to rub it and asked if he’d like to come to the bedroom. He followed and I sat him on the edge of the bed and knelt down before him and started to suck on it and lick the head of it.

I then pushed him gently back onto the bed and straddled him and sank my pussy down onto his hard shaft and started to rock back and forth and rub the base of his cock against my clit at we fucked. He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and helped me rise up and down on his cock and it wasn’t long until I came and then he shot his load inside of me. He left not long after, but I think he will be back soon. Maybe he won’t have that girlfriend for much longer.

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