Teasing The Neighbor

My young neighbor has been spying on me and I like it, since he’s a good looking guy and I enjoy teasing him. I recently went out to wash my car and knew he’d be home that Saturday afternoon, so I made sure to dress skimpy and went out with my bucket of hot, soapy water and the hose and went to work in my driveway. It wasn’t long until I saw the curtains move on his living room window. I knew he was alone, and I made sure to spray myself, so my top was sticking my breasts, like a wet tee shirt contest, you could see right through the thin top and my nipples were hard.

I bent over and grabbed the soapy sponge and started to work on the sides of the car and went all over the hood, making sure I could bend over in his direction as much as possible. I was soon covered in water, my thin and short shorts and tee shirt clinging to me in a very naughty way. I’d have bet money he was stroking his cock as he watched me. He could see the driveway of his parents as well, so he’d know if they were going to pull up and walk in on him, so he was free to do whatever he wanted in the privacy he had.

I was very naughty and cleaned the whole car in as suggestive a way as I possibly could. When I was finished and rinsed it off and then toweled it dry, I waved at him and laughed, and the curtain moved again, I went back into my house laughing at what I’d done to the poor boy, it was funny.

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