The Masseur

I have always loved to have my feet massaged, I even have paid to have it done. I went to this new place recently that a friend recommended to me, she said she knew I was just going to love the massages they gave there, and I could see why she said that after I arrived. This good looking guy led me into a room with a chair in it, sort of a cross between a dentists chair and a hairdressing chair, and he removed my shoes and began rubbing the oil together on his hands to warm it and then he started to work on my left foot.

I’d booked an hour, a half hour per foot. I knew I’d be melting with pleasure by the time I left. He was very good and I was soon trying hard not to emit sex noises it felt so good and then he asked me about my friend and said she’d become a good client and would I like the “extra” with the massage. I didn’t know what it entailed, so I asked. He said at the end of the foot massage there would be a clitoral massage, if I wanted one. I was a bit shocked, but if she’d raved about this place and this guy, I agreed to try it.

After forty five minutes, he washed his hands and then asked me to remove my panties. I slipped my hands up my skirt and pulled them off, he reclined the chair and applied some lube to his right hand and touched me and I flinched at first, but then he continued his caresses and became more and more powerful in his touch and I was soon biting my lip as I came on his hand and he asked if I’d like another orgasm. I nodded yes, I was creamy by now and my wet pussy was exposed, my legs pulled up to my chest as his magic hands worked on my soaked snatch. I came again, even more powerfully than before. I had not planned on this when I came in for a foot massage, but I knew I’d be coming back soon.

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