My Brother, The Panty Thief

My brother stayed with me for a few days recently and I got a bit of a shock when I woke up one morning and heard something, so I went and saw the noise was coming from the room he was staying in, and he had left the door open a crack and he was rubbing his cock on a pair of my panties, panties I’d left on the top of the hamper the night before after I got undressed. He’d obviously seen them and helped himself to them and was rubbing his hard cock all over the crotch of them.

They had been all sticky as well, I was ovulating and the crotch of them was a bit of a damp, sticky mess, perhaps that’s why he noticed them, and he was rubbing the had of his dick all over the crotch of where my pussy had been laying only hours before. When I was in my teens I’d had a few pairs go missing and I always wondered what happened to them, I had a feeling I knew now. He’d likely taken them, I wondered if he’d taken any of mom’s as well? I’ll never know.

So I stood at the crack of the door and watched him play with his cock and my panties. They were pretty pink silk ones. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed the crotch panel and then licked it, my, he was being a naughty boy. I could see the precum dripping off of his cock and he was breathing really hard. I knew he was going to cum soon, and he did, all over the crotch. He started to head for the door, so I hid around a corner. He went into the bathroom and when he came out the panties were not in his hand anymore. He closed his door and I went into the bathroom. I lifted up the lid to the hamper and there they were, he’d put them back once he’d finished using them. I then went into my room and masturbated myself.

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