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Secret From My Sister

I love my sister, I really do, but her latest boyfriend is just really hot, and when I had the chance recently to fuck him, let’s just say I didn’t pass it up. I’d been having car troubles a lot … Continue reading

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Cheating Can Be Fun

Just because a guy is “taken” does not mean he’s off limits to me, it takes two to tango and if he was happy in his relationship he wouldn’t be looking elsewhere as far as I’m concerned. This one guy … Continue reading

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My Sexy Uncle

I went to visit my aunt recently and she’d gotten married since the last time I saw her and I’d not met her husband, who was really good looking and several years younger than she was. I’m embarrassed to admit … Continue reading

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A Romp At The Office

I like risky sex, I think it’s fun, spontaneous, unplanned sexual adventures are my favorite kind. Last week I surprised my boyfriend at work over the lunch hour by showing up with lunch for him, and I of course was … Continue reading

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Secret At The Spa

One of my callers this week was a lady, I actually had a few lady callers this week, which is a surprise, as they do not come around often and most other operators seem to dislike lady callers for some … Continue reading

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