A Romp At The Office


I like risky sex, I think it’s fun, spontaneous, unplanned sexual adventures are my favorite kind. Last week I surprised my boyfriend at work over the lunch hour by showing up with lunch for him, and I of course was dessert. I know he likes quickies, so I wasn’t planning on some two or three hour lovemaking session while his co workers were outside the door, but a ten minute quickie before we ate, why not, no one would be the wiser if we were quiet enough, that was my thought anyway.

I went in a trench coat with nothing but my bra and panties on underneath, put the bag of food on his desk and told him I wanted his cock before we ate. He locked the door and started to strip right away so we wouldn’t waste any time. I wasted no time getting him on his office sofa and straddling him before we were found out. It was plenty hot and I loved fucking him, quickie or not, it was always hot. My tits were in his face, he was sucking my nipples and I was grinding my clit against his cock.

We could hear people outside the office moving around as we fucked our brains out. I bit my lip to prevent being heard as I would normally be quite loud when I had an orgasm, and he grunted as he came and flooded my cunt with cum. We straightened up a bit, wolfed down the food and I left, no one seemed to have any idea what we’d been up to as I left. We’ve done this a few times since he got his own office and it’s always been fun. We couldn’t chance it when he just had a cubicle. The pleasures of having your own office and privacy.

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