My Sexy Uncle

I went to visit my aunt recently and she’d gotten married since the last time I saw her and I’d not met her husband, who was really good looking and several years younger than she was. I’m embarrassed to admit as soon as I met this guy I wanted to fuck him, and fuck him I did a few hours later. I wasn’t that close to my aunt, but needed to be in the city she lived in and she offered to put me up so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel, which was nice of her, and I repaid her by laying her husband.

She is a nurse who works the night shift, so I was alone with her husband every night when she’d go to work, and it didn’t take long for him to make his way to my bed and oh was he fantastic in bed! Wonderful at licking pussy, he teased my clit with abandon like no one ever had before. He liked to drive me crazy with that tongue before he’d let me have that cock and then he would pump away until I was clawing at his back with ecstasy.

She really never suspected a thing, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep the week I stayed there, we were too busy fucking and going down on each other. I was half asleep at the conference I was in town for, but the fantastic sex was well worth it. She has invited me back over the Christmas holidays coming up, and I’m for sure looking forward to them. Hopefully she will still be working the night shift then so I can get my paws on him again.

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