Secret From My Sister

I love my sister, I really do, but her latest boyfriend is just really hot, and when I had the chance recently to fuck him, let’s just say I didn’t pass it up. I’d been having car troubles a lot lately and of course was low on money as usual, well her boyfriend is a mechanic and she asked him as a favor to fix my car on the weekend, so he came over and it didn’t take as long as he thought it would and when he came to tell me what was wrong with it and I invited him in for a cold drink after he’d been outside for the last couple of hours working on it for free, well I decided to thank him in an entirely different way than money.

I could tell he was attracted to me as well, and he came in and sat down and had a drink and I wasted no time letting my intentions be known, and I slipped my hand over to his thigh and it soon wandered to his crotch and I could tell he was rock hard. I then unzipped him and freed that might cock from it’s jeans and was soon on the floor in front of him with that beast in my mouth, “thanking him.”

He liked how I sucked his cock, he said I was much better than my sister, and I was soon straddling him on the couch and riding him, and then I was flipped over and he was on top and I was squeezing his nice bubble but cheeks in my hands as he fucked me nice and hard. We both came and he left soon afterwards, he didn’t want to raise suspicions with my sister by being gone too long. I would definitely take him for another test drive given the chance again.

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