Can We Chat?

This one poor man that has been calling a lot lately sometimes does not call to masturbate, but rather just to talk. He’s lonely, has a lot of medical issues, which I get to hear about in graphic detail, he even promises to *gulp* send pictures of his wounds, which Lord knows why he’d think I’d want to see them. Some are so lonely they literally pay for an audience just to hear them, since there’s literally no one else to talk to.

Now because of his medical issues, I’ve heard how many times he cannot get to the bathroom in time, and the many meds he’s on cause diarrhea, so he’s shit all over the carpets multiple times on the way to the bathroom. Well, he felt the need to call to tell me he’s had the carpets cleaned and now he can walk in his bare feet on them again. I’d stake my life when people ask about my job as a phone sex operator, they would not think people would be paying me to tell me about getting their shit stained carpets cleaned, that’s not why one usually calls a phone sex operator, but we do hear lots of odd and non sexual things as well.

There’s been several men over the years that had either issues with shyness, or social awkwardness, or they just were not popular, where they didn’t really have any friends to talk to, or they weren’t close with their families, all kinds of things like that, where they will pay just to have a conversation, since there’s no one else to talk to about the ordinary things in their lives you’d talk about to a friend. Though I’d think most would be embarrassed to talk about shit stained carpets to anyone, let alone to a stranger they’d be paying to talk to about it. It takes all kinds, and people certainly do call to talk about non sexual things at times.

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