Fucking The Teen Next Door

I’m friendly with my neighbors, and recently they went away for the weekend and they asked me to check in on their teenaged son while they were away for three nights. He was too old for a babysitter, but they didn’t quite trust him not to have some wild party, so I said I’d go over a couple of times a day. I decided to go over before I went to bed the first night, they’d given me a key to let myself in at unannounced times of the day so he wouldn’t know when to expect me. He wasn’t downstairs, so I crept up the stairs and went to his door, which was half open and I saw him masturbating his cock as he watched porn on the computer.

I decided not to interrupt him, but I stood there watching him, listening to him moan as he stroked his young cock and to be honest it was turning me on. I crept away and went back home and masturbated thinking of that young cock and knowing I wanted to touch it and suck it and fuck it. The next night I did the same thing and he was back at his bedtime routine of masturbating again. This time though I went to his door and opened it and he saw me standing there and he stopped. I told him to keep doing it.

I walked over to the bed and took my clothes off and got on the bed and straddled him, and slid down on his young shaft. I don’t think this is what his parents had in mind when they asked me to check in on their son. I loved feeling his young dick inside of me, and he seemed to know what he was doing. He grabbed me by the hips and started to rock me back and forth on his cock and I was soon cumming on that young cock and I told him I wanted his young cum inside of me and I got it. We spent most of the weekend in bed together, and it was hot as fuck.

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