X Rated Pool Party

I was invited to a pool party recently, and I thought it was just going to be a regular one, I had no idea until I was already there that it was a group sex party that happened to be also at a pool. There were people fucking in the pool, on the chaise lounges, and on beach towels at the edge of the pool, one couple was even fucking on the diving board. I didn’t know what to think. My friend that brought me here had not told me about any of this, but when I looked over to find them, they just smiled and waved from across the pool.

I sat down to have the drink I’d been offered and a good looking guy approached me and his swim trunks left little to the imagination. He was blunt and came right out and asked me if I was horny. I hadn’t been, but seeing all these people fucking around me was certainly making me feel like the odd man out. He didn’t wait for a reply, he sat down beside me and asked if I’d mind if he jerked off, and with that, he pulled his cock out and began to stroke it.

It was a nice cock and I soon found myself reaching over to take over stroking it. I pumped it and stroked it and he was very hard and he asked if he could fuck me. I wanted to, so I said yes. I took off my bikini bottoms and got on all fours on the chaise lounge and he soon had his large dick inside of me buried all the way up to the balls. He grabbed my tits and pulled me hard back onto his cock and I soon came as I rubbed my clit and he pounded my pussy. I then had his cum dripping down my leg. We both jumped in the pool afterwards to cool off and watch as the others around us acted like horny animals. I left a while after, but they were all still going at it when I left.

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