Masturbating at the Beach

I recently went to the beach for the first time this season and I must say, it was kind of naughty. It was a nude beach for adults only and a lot of people were fucking right out in the open on their beach blankets and I got horny just watching them, so I joined in on the fun as best I could being alone and I masturbated. I soon had a bit of an audience myself that was watching me pleasure myself and I cannot say I minded. I was enjoying the feel of the sun on my skin and the breeze blowing over me, hearing the sounds of pleasure all around me from the fucking people, and I just slipped a finger down to my clit and started to rub. I was already wet.

There were some guys nearby that then started to rub their cocks, which I already had noticed were hard and standing at attention. I looked over, I was wearing my sunglasses, so they couldn’t see me directly staring at them, and I was enjoying the view of them caressing their cocks up and down. They were glistening in the sunlight, the wetness of the head of their cocks, the precum dripping down the shaft.

I then did something even more naughty and after dipping my fingertips in my juices, I raised my hand to my mouth and tasted myself and sucked on my fingers before plunging them back into myself. It didn’t take a lot longer until I came all over my hand. I then got up and ran to the water and went in to cool off and rise off and it was very sexy for me and the ones that had watched me. I could see the loads spurting out of their cocks as I’d walked by them on my way to the water, so I’d given them pleasure from watching me.

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