My Horny Uncle

I’ve always known my uncle had a thing for me, just from the way he’s always looked at me. Recently I went to stay with him and my aunt for a few days when my parents went out of town for a wedding and they didn’t trust me enough to let me stay home alone. They assumed I’d have some wild party or have my boyfriend stay over, so they just arranged for me to stay with family for a couple of nights. Little did they know my uncle would be lusting after me the entire time.

My aunt was out the second night I was there visiting some friends, so it was just my uncle and me and he started to get really friendly and I got the drift or what he was aiming for and I said I wouldn’t fuck him, but I would go so far as to give him a hand job. He wasn’t pleased about not getting my teenaged pussy, but he was glad I agreed to something at least.

He sat in his chair and I went over to him and straddled his leg. I reached into his pants and took out his already hard cock and it was just throbbing in my hand. I stroked it up and down and ground my pussy into his leg I was sitting on. I was humping his leg and he loved it. His dick was so hard, and dripping with precum. I worked that dick and he was so turned on. I didn’t make myself cum by humping his leg, but it wasn’t long until I had a handful of my horny uncle’s jizz in my hand from masturbating him. He asked me if I’d do it again before I left and we found some private time to play once more when my aunt briefly left the house. If only my parents had any idea what a little slut I was.

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