My Best Friend Went Down On Me

I’d always been curious about playing with another girl, but until recently I did not ever get the chance. This new friend of mine was bisexual, and I knew she really liked me a lot, I could pick up on certain clues as to her being interested in me, so one night she was over visiting and we’d had a lot to drink and she flat out asked if I’d let her go down on me, she promised it would be the absolute best oral sex experience I’d ever had. I was curious, so I said sure, I’d be willing to give it a try.

I took my panties off, but left my stocking on, and she got in front of the love seat and put her head back and told me to straddle her, she wanted me to ride her tongue and I was more than willing to do so. As she parted my cunt lips with her tongue, I could already tell that I was wet, and she soon sucked and nursed on my clit and was having me buck back and forth over her mouth with my wet pussy, rubbing myself against her. I was incredibly turned on and amazed how it was different than having a man go down on me.

There was a tenderness, a gentleness about it, it was really sexy and hot and I was dripping my juices all over her face faster than she was able to lick them up, her face was soon like a glazed donut from all of my seeping wetness. She wasn’t complaining though, and her tongue was sheer magic. I loved how she eat me out and she made me cum a few times. I wasn’t quite ready to reciprocate, but it was a fantastic experience and I’d love to indulge in it again and maybe do the same for her next time.

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