Kiss My Ass

One thing I love to have done and one thing my boyfriend loves to do to me, is licking and kissing my ass. His experience with it was limited when we met, since most of the girls he’d been with had no interest in it and would not allow him to do it, but he’d always wanted to, so when he finally met me, he was glad I enjoyed a little special attention South of the border shall we say. I’d always loved it, many of my previous boyfriends had enjoyed licking my ass the times they went down on me, so I was used to it.

He’s always sought a girl that would let him, but no luck. He’s watched rimming porn many times and always thought it was something he wanted to do, and it turns out he’s very good at it. I also have some anal beads and he loves to pop them inside of me, lick my cunt and pull them out slowly, one by one, we have all kinds of backdoor fun. I asked if he’d ever fucked a woman up the ass and the answer was no to that as well, I had no issue with it, so told him he could fuck mine anytime he wanted.

Lots of patience and lube will make that go smoothly, and he loved the tightness of it as well, so a few times a month when we’re both in the mood, we definitely engage in some hot anal sex. A nice tongue lashing before, and then popping the head of his dick inside of my tight, puckered asshole, then slide it all the way in and glide it in and out until we both cum. I usually finger my clit as I’m getting fucked and have a very intense orgasm that way, and then my cumming of course triggers him to shoot his load.

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