Secret Lover

I have a new secret lover, and it’s been very hot sneaking around with him, I wouldn’t want my husband to find out after all, that might not go that well. I love him, but he’s kind of boring, his dick isn’t that big, he’s too obsessed with work, there’s a lot of reasons it’s not that great, but he provides me with a good lifestyle, so I don’t wish to rock the boat, so any extra curricular fun I try and keep it a secret. I’ve been seeing this new man I work with, he’s on a different floor of the same office building as me and we met in the elevator one day and met for coffee, then lunch, then sex.

The sex part is what has been fabulous, I cannot get enough of him and he’s kind of in the same boat as I am, he loves his wife, but she’s just not giving him any sex anymore, so here we are, fucking our brains out at every available opportunity. Last night we actually fucked at his house since his wife’s out of town on business for a couple of days, so we will see how many fucks we can get in until the return of the cold fish.

He is very good at licking pussy and has a nice dick, doesn’t cum too quickly, so I don’t get why she has no interest in sex with him anymore, but I’ll be happy to pick up the slack and continue to see him as much as I can. My pussy hasn’t been so happy in many years. Masturbation is great, but it’s nothing compared to actually getting to fuck someone on the regular. He loves to make me his whore and have me beg to be allowed to cum, which I love. It’s been too long since I was made to feel like such a slut and in a good way!

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