Let Me Lick Your Pussy

I was short on cash last month and after that being the case three months in a row my landlord told me I was soon going to be sent an eviction notice. I begged and pleased, but he said he was sick of me being last with the rent and this was the final time. I asked if there was anything I could do to change his mind about kicking me out, since I literally had nowhere else to go, and he got an evil grin on his face and said there was one thing I could do, and only one. I knew whatever it was I really had no option but to do it.

He explained he was always attracted to me, and if I regularly let him lick my pussy, say once a week, he would lower my rent by say a hundred dollars a month. That much of a reduction would mean a huge difference to me, and he knew it. I’m sure that’s why he chose that figure. I agreed to it. He said we could start right now, so he came into my apartment and told me to sit down and hike up my skirt and pull down my panties. I had no choice so I did it.

I sat there and thought I’d just have t tolerate it until he was tired of it, but surprisingly he was good at it, and it kind of grossed me out since I was not attracted to him in any way, but the longer he did it, I cannot say I was not enjoying it, and he knew it, so he continued on until I came. I was kind of disgusted with myself for having an orgasm with this wretched man, but a deals a deal, and as I said he knew what he was doing. So I guess tolerating this old goat slithering his tongue all over my pussy was the price I’d have to pay, and if I came, well, then not much I could do about that.

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