Big Ass Toy

So many times guys on the phone will say they are using butt plugs or anal sex toys and the sizes they tell you are quite unbelievable, but a few I have sadly watched on cam and have been left speechless at the size of what they are using on themselves. Some I literally would not have believed them for a minute if I had not seen them with my own eyes. These toys are large, like really large, so big you would not think a human body would accommodate such a thing, but I can assure you some humans can and are taking those ridiculously large, unreal looking toys in.

Many would find such toys some kind of joke, you’d see a picture of some toy online and see it’s sixteen inches long and as thick as a forearm and think no one could actually take that inside. They are. There are some people that really do enjoy a challenge and pushing their limits to see just how far they can go. When I’ve seen such spectacles, my first thought is they will likely be in diapers from doing this to themselves. Maybe not today or even next month, but time after time of stretching yourself out like that, you’ll be in Depends down the road.

Toys are not always available to these masturbating men when they are horny and they will simply grab something that’s laying around the house and see what they can do with it, not very wise, since things not designed for that purpose can break off and cause injury or great embarrassment when you need to go to the ER to get it removed, but guys caught up in a state of horniness are not thinking clearly, that’s for sure.

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