Attack Of The MILF

Being the horny older woman that I am, I always have my eyes out for handsome young men. They turn me on and get me hot. One moved in down the street a month or so ago and he and I have been having a lot of naughty fun. Being an enterprising young man, he soon came around asking neighbors if they wanted or needed any odd jobs or yard work done, so I had him do a few tasks for me. One day it was quite hot, so I asked him in for a cool drink. We got to talking and liked one another very much.

He was soon stopping by even when there were no odd jobs to be done and I made a pass at him, and he accepted and we play several times a week usually. His parents have no idea, they are out a lot and don’t question his comings and goings being an older teen. If only they knew I sucked him off and fucked him several times a week, and how well hung he is. Oh well, they don’t need to know these things. I’ve taught him a lot in bed, and his stamina keeps me young.

I look forward to nights when he comes over and we play, I get wet just thinking about it. I try not to touch myself and save my horniness for him alone. He makes me cum so many times when we are together. I love how he makes me his cougar whore. I am pleased to service him. His young cock drives me wild and I love to feel him squirt inside of me. He makes me wetter than any lover I’ve ever had. I’m so glad he moved into the neighborhood, I hope we have fun for years to come.

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