My Forced Orgasm

The man I am seeing now is into BDSM and he asked if he could tie my up and tease me. I said sure, it sounded fun, but he brought out this powerful Hitachi Wand vibrator and the sensations were so powerful on my clit and pussy, it bordered on pain and I asked him to stop, I begged him to stop, but I was tied up and he decided he was going to make me cum this way, like it or not. He told me it was going to be the most powerful orgasm of my life, and I cannot say that it wasn’t, but no means no to me. He would not let up and kept saying I’d be grateful when it was all over.

He said women didn’t “push themselves enough sexually”, so obviously he was going to be the one to do the pushing. It honestly was the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve used a vibe a few times on myself, but to me it’s like a ruined orgasm. Not nearly as good as fingers, but it will make me cum if I continue to hold it on my clit.

He made sure I was tied up well so I could not escape. He then drizzled lube all over my pussy and turned it on. The room rang with it’s powerful buzz and he held open my cunt lips to expose my clit, which made it all the more sensitive to the powerful vibe. I felt my body quaking as he held it hard against my pussy. I thought I might honestly pass out from the over stimulation, but I did not. I did finally cum and felt like I was nearly having a seizure. Cumming that hard can make you feel like you might pass out. For a few seconds I might have. I could see how hard this all made him. He had a mean streak in him. I told him he will never use that toy on me again.

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