They Want To Suck Cock

So many callers claim they want to suck cock, it’s really staggering. They mostly also say their partners have no idea they have such fantasies or if they have done such things in the past. I am beginning to think a woman needs to have a guy do a lie detector test before they get serious if they want honest answers. I don’t think for a moment as many women wish to lick pussy as men want to suck cock. Not quite sure why that is, but it is a fact.

They call to confess to phone sex girls, since they cannot tell their partners about it. How many callers have been sucking the cocks of random guys they met online and doing it in secret and then cannot stop thinking about it, a lot. One last night said he found someone online and he’d sucked him off and he couldn’t wait until they were going to meet up again. This was a much older guy he’d sucked off as well, by a few decades. Not sure if they have daddy or grand daddy fixations or what, but most seem to seek out much older men and not ones their own age or younger.

They are submissive and like to be the ones doing the sucking, very few that call wish to be the ones getting sucked off themselves. They love submitting to an older, more alpha male than themselves. They want to be told what to do and want to be told often and called upon frequently to serve these older men with saggy balls they crave. I’d think a hot teen with a firm young body would be the ones everyone is fantasizing about, but apparently not, they are going more for the grandfatherly type to lead them into temptation. So do you want to suck off old men? Give one of our ladies a call and tell us all about it.

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