My New Toy

My latest boyfriend is a bit small in the cock department and I was shocked when he was so upfront about things and pulled out a new toy he said he got for me to try. He said he felt bad he was inadequate for me and he wanted to buy me the most realistic sex toy on the market currently, so I said of course we could try it. He had me lay back and he licked my pussy so good, like he always does, and in mere moments I was squirming underneath him and gripping the sheets, soaking wet with desire for his expert tongue.

Then he brings out the new toy. I was so wet, it slid right in and I must say, it really did have a more realistic feel to it than any other toy I’d tried thus far. He moved it in and out of me expertly. I lay back, eyes closed, legs spread wide, playing with my breasts, getting my nipples all hard as he penetrated me with the toy and I could just imagine it was a real, hard cock plunging in and out of me. He was pleased I liked it so much and he kept pumping it into me and soon I was sliding over that edge of ecstasy as he made me cum with it, gliding it against my clit with every plunge of it into me and back out.

He left it in, slowly moving it back and forth as I came down from my orgasm. He then asked if since I’d been satisfied if he could mount me and let his small cock go inside of me and fuck me. Of course you can dear, go right ahead I said. It didn’t take him long before he was dribbling out his few drops of cum into my spent pussy. I could barely feel him in me, but he’d been a good boy and deserved his time after making me cum with the new toy.

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