Labor Day Picnic

Sex outdoors can be a lot of fun. I was at a Labor Day picnic and found this really hot guy that was from out of town. He was visiting my brother and was a friend of his, I’d never met him before. I knew he was attracted to me and I sure was to him. We decided to go off to an area that was pretty deserted from the other guests and he told me he wanted to fuck me and was I game? I said yes, I liked him a lot and wanted to play while we had the chance.

I stripped off my shorts and tee shirt and so did he. He hoisted me up to a tree branch to grab onto and he fucked and held me up, he had really strong arms. We didn’t have a blanket and I was afraid if we did it on the picnic table I’d get slivers, so we opted for this not quite as traditional pose, but it worked. His cock was really big, and I was horny as fuck. He was so sexy, I wanted to fuck him as soon as I met him, and it didn’t take us long to get busy with one another.

He loved my shaved pussy and how tight I was as he fucked me. I heard some people in the distance and was afraid they’d see us, but they never came near where we were. I knew I was going to cum soon and bit my lip to keep from crying out and have the others at the barbecue know what we were up to, and as soon as I came, he did right after me and he set me down. His arms must have been tired from holding me up like that, but it was fun to have a hot quickie with a sexy guy I’d just met. Not sure if I will see him again, but it made for a very memorable holiday.

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