Sweet Dreams of You

Lots of us have sex dreams, and they can often alter the way we look at the person we have the dream about. If you have a sex dream about someone you aren’t really attracted to it can sometimes make you attracted to them, other times it can be so absurd, it will be something to laugh about and share with your friends. Sex dreams can be powerful things though. Men can have wet dreams and ejaculate from them alone, many times a boys first ejaculation is from a wet dream. Girls can have orgasms in dreams as well, but it’s more rare.

Have you gone to be d with someone on your mind and then wakened up with some cum in your shorts or on your sheets? You likely have, and many times. A good sex dream can be a very wonderful and satisfying thing to have. Especially when it’s about someone you desire that you can’t really have, like a celebrity that you will never even get the chance to meet. Yet in your dream you can seduce them and fuck them and be the world’s best lover to them.

Before sleep seems to be a very time for most people. Lots of couples have sex before bed, or they like to masturbate to ensure they are relaxed and will have a good nights sleep. Do you enjoy a good cock workout before you hit the hay? Late night calls are often a very busy time for phone sex girls. If you feel the urge to stroke your cock and get some sexy, suggestive talk before you go to sleep, why not try one of our lovely, sexy ladies? Tuck in calls are always a great way to feel nice and relaxed after a long, hard day at work. Call one of our ladies tonight.

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