She Wants Him

Sometimes callers will ask your opinion if a woman they know is into them. They will describe the situation and then you weigh in on whether she’s actually into them and give advice accordingly. One last night said this woman he knows could see he was stressed after a long day at work and she offered to give him a neck massage. She then got out several bottles of aromatherapy oils and gave him a very sensual neck massage. Then he asked if I thought she was into him and if he should make a pass at her. From his description, I’d say yes, she was into him and he’d likely get lucky if he made a move on her.

You don’t just go around offering up massages and work away on them with your hands in a sensual manner unless they are appealing to you in some way. A massage is a very personal and intimate thing, even if no genitals are involved. Stroking, caressing, teasing, it’s all very sexy and such a great prelude to sex. Running your hands over someone’s body parts can often lead to other things, sexy things, so I think she was giving him a signal that she was interested in more but didn’t want to be too obvious about it.

So when he called and told me about this, I told him she was wanting to continue rubbing, his cock most likely! That this was a way to get into his mind and make him act on these feelings she’d stirred up in him. Hopefully the next time he calls he will tell me it was a success and that he’s dating her. I shall just have to wait and see, but a massage can lead to bigger and better things for certain.

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