He Wanted a Spanking

Callers into spankings are quite common. Most seemed to have been caught masturbating as children and were punished by mom for it. For some however, that is not the case. One man called the other night with a scenario that had a kernel of truth in it. He’d been embarrassed by something he said others deemed inappropriate. Personally when he told me what he said I laughed and thought it was funny, but the group he was with were apparently humorless and did not agree. So in his little fantasy, he’d be punished for saying such a thing by the group leader. He’d be sent to the home of a woman who punished men that had misbehaved in some way and be spanked.

The leader would prescribe the number of whacks he was to get by the spanking lady and she had the option to add more on if during the session anything further was revealed about any other misdeeds that had been carried out. The point was to make him feel embarrassed and humiliated and ashamed for his actions. So I told him to pull down his pants and his shorts, lean over the edge of a bed on his elbows and await the blows from the spanking paddle.

Strike after strike for being a bad boy was reigned down on him. Of course he did also reveal he was hitting on ladies at work that were his subordinates that had no real power to resist him, eliciting even more spanks with the paddle. To make it all worse, he got aroused as I struck him and began to fondle his cock. He got so turned on he wanted to be penetrated with a strap on by the spanking lady, furthering his humiliation and submission. He seemed to rather enjoy how descriptive it all was and thanked me for helping him bring his little roleplay to life. Many men have very detailed roleplays and fantasies they go through when they masturbate. If you have spanking fantasies, no doubt some of our accommodating ladies here will be happy to help you.

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