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We Laughed at His Wiener

My boyfriend is a nice guy, however there is one big issue between us. His dick, it’s barely larger than a peanut. I told him when we slept together for the first time that is was going to be a … Continue reading

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He Wanted a Spanking

Callers into spankings are quite common. Most seemed to have been caught masturbating as children and were punished by mom for it. For some however, that is not the case. One man called the other night with a scenario that … Continue reading

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Drain ‘Dem Nigger Balls

One of my most popular calls I get is racial humiliation. Ones not familiar with this topic might find it hard to grasp. Others may know of it but think it’s horrible. Well, then don’t talk about it if it … Continue reading

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I’m So Fucking Fat!

It’s very rare that I get anyone into feeder fetish, I’ve only ever had a few in all the years I’ve been doing calls. The ones I have gotten though have been men that wanted to fatten up women and … Continue reading

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Nigger Slave Phone Sex

A popular topic among some black callers is racial humiliation. They enjoy being made fun of because of their race and often enjoy fantasies of the Civil War days where they would be back on the plantation and be whipped … Continue reading

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