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Your Cock Is Mine

My boyfriend is a bit submissive, and that’s fine, he likes to have me use him as I see fit sexually. His body is there for my pleasure, especially his tongue. I love having my pussy licked and he’s very … Continue reading

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Mark My Words

Men have an odd way of liking to mark a woman as their territory. Some like to shoot their cum on them, some like to pee on them, hickies do in a pinch as a “love mark”. Not many will … Continue reading

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Cock Worship

Many submissives do worship the cocks, among other things, of their Master. What could show your man you love him more than to get on your knees and look up at him adoringly, worshipfully as you let him know how … Continue reading

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Guided Masturbation

One thing that has always baffled me is guys that like guided masturbation, yet it’s fairly popular. No one would be telling me how to touch myself, I will do it how and when and where I see fit, yet … Continue reading

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A sexual pleasure for many would be the pleasure of the unknown, and that is accomplished with a blindfold. Not seeing what is coming right at you can be exciting when it is of the erotic variety. One of my … Continue reading

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