Your Cock Is Mine

My boyfriend is a bit submissive, and that’s fine, he likes to have me use him as I see fit sexually. His body is there for my pleasure, especially his tongue. I love having my pussy licked and he’s very good at it and loves being told what to do. I get a laugh sometimes when he’s come home from a hard day at work and all he wants to do is have dinner and go to sleep by telling him how horny I am and how I hope he’s got some stamina tonight, since I’m going to be able to go a few rounds.

I know he doesn’t really want to, but he does for my sake. I don’t do it too often, but I want him never to forget who’s in charge of things, and of course that’s me. He doesn’t mind too much or he wouldn’t go along with it, but I do get very horny at times and cumming alone sure doesn’t have the same amount of fun to it as with another person.

Having a submissive boyfriend that loves to please can be a wonderful thing, he also doesn’t mind if I bring home other men to fuck, I do enjoy variety once in a while and that gives him a bit of a break as well when I’m too demanding of him. He lives to please me, but I know everyone needs a rest now and then. I don’t give him much of a one, but I’m not totally selfish.

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