He Wanted To Take Charge

Normally I like to be dominant in the bedroom, but after watching some porn with blindfolded women in it, my boyfriend thought it might be fun if he could be in charge, and I like to try new things, so of course I agreed, and it went very well. We already had a blindfold and cuffs on hand, but I’m usually using them on him, so we just changed roles and role reversal can indeed be fun for all involved. I looked forward to him playing Master and me his sex slave and doing as I was told to do.

I let him cuff me and blindfold me and he was really horny, more so than usual even, so he wasn’t exactly being gentle and I was fine with that. I even told him he could choke me a bit and I loved it. He knew when enough was enough though and not to go too far, but he really gave it to me and fucked me hard and unrelentingly. I adore the size of his cock, it’s big, but not so big it hurts, and he was really ramming me full of it, all the way up to the balls and stretching me out.

I was cuffed and pinned down and the dominant side of me wanted to flip him over as I usually do, but I kept to the assigned role reversal for the night and just laid back and let him be in control. He told me to beg for his cock, to beg to be able to cum and I loved the sense of being degraded to beg for it, it made chills flow throughout my body, and then he allowed me to cum and he forced me to have five orgasms, and it was hot as any sex we’d ever had. I think I need to let him be in control more often.

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