Perversion in the Pumpkin Patch

Seeing as it’s nearly Halloween, I was shopping for some pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch on the outskirts of town, and I saw a man off by himself and he appeared to be doing something he shouldn’t, so being the curious gal I am, I went to have a closer look, and he was masturbating with a pumpkin. It looked like he’d cut a small hole in the side of one and was working it up and down his cock. I was a bit shocked considering there were families nearby, but he was far enough away that no one could see what he was doing unless they were close like I was.

He didn’t see me approaching him and I spoke out and said you shouldn’t be doing that here, that if you wanted to be a pervert and assault vegetables, to buy one and take it home and do it there. He looked so shocked, his mouth hanging open, as were his pants. He said he’d just been overtaken by such a wave of horniness he could stop himself and how he’d masturbated with fruits and vegetables many times over the years and it felt amazingly pussy like, so slippery and warm from the sun that had been shining on it warming it up.

He pumped it a few more times on his cock and came inside of it and then tossed it aside and then zipped up and went back to his car, he didn’t even buy one after using one! I stayed away from the ones he’d been around and found a nice one and bought it and went back home to carve it, as I thought about this pubic masturbator in the pumpkin patch.

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