Whip Me, Mistress

One of my callers told me he’d gone to a domme today and was soundly whipped and paddled. I laughed, since he really deserves to be punished. I’d love to crack the whip over some of these characters. Domination and submission are very popular topics with many callers. Most are submissive and want to be the ones being punished. So many are worms that Id love to do it. One offered me money to go to a hotel room and beat him up. I laughed at the thought of hitting and punching him and slapping his face until it was red.

There was one man that used to call and he’d drive hundreds of miles to be beaten up by women. His wife would wonder where the bruises came from, and he’d make up one excuse or the other as to how he got them. Little did she know he was giving women money to beat the living daylights out of him. He’s not alone. Some men literally love being beaten up on by women. It’s strange, but true. Do you have stories like this where you’ve been whipped and paddled by women in your life and you have no one to tell about it? We’d love to hear.

Not all men into this are into cock and ball torture, it’s a bit of a different kink altogether, but still a fun one. Anything involving punishing men can be a lot of fun to discuss and act out on the phone. Many callers into spanking will be whipping themselves on the phone and you can hear it hitting them, whether it’s a belt or a paddle, a wooden spoon. The object might change, but the result is the same, punishment. They feel unworthy and love pain. Lots of ladies are happy to dole it out for you.

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