Big, Nigger Dick

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It’s a wonder all phone sex gals do not enjoy them, but some will not even do them. Different strokes for different folks and all of that I suppose. Many white women won’t even bother with a white man anymore since their dicks are not big enough, so they have turned to porch monkeys exclusively, but some of us still have standards and will never sink to bedding a gigaboo. Are you a black man with a big, black cock that desperately wishes to fuck a white woman and show her just how hung you are in comparison to some white dude?

Yet you know you want to be insulted and humiliated for being a lowly black. All your base desires locked up in your dick. Your animalistic instincts focused just on your cock. It won’t matter to you if it’s a lowly blonde skank, or the finest Aryan goddess, you just want a white hole to sink it into, don’t you, monkey boy…Stroke It hard, stroke it good, be a good little nigger for Mistress. Maybe you’ll get a worn, cast off pair of dirty panties that smell like my pussy for you to jerk off with. You can hope, anyway.

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